Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tryouts for the Herding Group

Our neighbors down the road and around the corner (you remember the loose bull) let their goats wander, and sure enough, once again, the herd arrived, hungry, at our house.
While their brush-clearing habits are indeed a fire-protection service, they eat EVERYTHING, including the fruit trees outside our chainlink fence. They also broke into another neighbor's corrals and ate their horses' hay and grain. 
When they came outside the chainlink and began destroying the fruit trees they already had decimated the other day, I decided to see what we could do about this.
The lead goat wears a collar with a bell. When our toy Manchesters heard the bell, they barked like maniacs in their Munchkin voices. So, I let them out, and quickly they were bouncing off the chainlink, barking at the goats. 
The goats ignored them. They were directly on the other side of the fence. Chomp, chomp, chomp. The goats were breaking the young apple tree's branches.
OK, since we had no members of the Herding Group available, maybe this was a job for an Irish Wolfhound.
Come here, Blake.
In an instant, Blake was working the goats, from his side of the fence. He rounded them up into a little knot, ran back and herded up the strays ... and sent them packing!
They headed down the driveway and went home!

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