Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's always amazing to watch an Irish Wolfhound puppy grow.
Sometimes they wake up from a nap, and wow, they're much taller and longer than when they went to sleep!
Here is Liberty, with her new LEGS:

Photo by Bill Buell

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Verity Slideshow

CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Verity in the Hound Group, Santa Barbara, Summer 2008.
These are still photos in a slideshow. Thank you to Handlers Bill Buell and Erin Hines for the photos.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big 3.5

It now has been about a month since Liberty came home. Here she is at 3.5 months, in very early morning.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mail for a Dog

In the P.O. mailbox lay an envelope addressed to "CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Verity."

She didn't seem to mind when I opened it for her.

I let out a whoop. She looked at me.

It was an invitation.

Congratulations! it said. WOW! I said. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

To be invited she had to qualify. To qualify she had to be in the top 25 Irish Wolfhounds nationally between Oct. 10, 2007, and Oct. 8, 2008. 

She's only been competing since March.

And she qualified. WOW did she!!!

I gave her a big hug and she looked at me again, rolling her eyes, you're a little crazy today, mom.

Yes, I am, I told her. 

Monday, October 13, 2008


A Big Congratulations to Handler Bill Buell and his St. Bernard, CH Alta Vista's Billion Kilowatt, CD, for winning an all-breed Best in Show in Oklahoma on Sunday, Oct. 12!
The judge was Mr. Ken Buxton, who himself recently was honored with AKC's esteemed 2009 lifetime achievement award.
Kilo is a wonderful Saint, with a very sweet temperament. He's well-trained, and an excellent ambassador for his breed, wherever he happens to be. In the show ring, he has won numerous specialty best in show wins. He is ranked No. 1 in national Best of Breed rankings.
Congratulations to owners Tom Brown and S. Tsagris, and also to co-handler Erin Hines! Go, Kilo!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At 7 weeks

This video by Dr. Susan Prokopenko shows a hint of what hard work is ... a litter of 11 Irish Wolfhound puppies. This is the Z litter at feeding time, when they were 7 weeks old. Our Liberty can be seen in the mob rush toward food; she's wearing a pink yarn collar.

Puppy action

This is a video by Dr. Susan Prokopenko of Glenamadda Irish Wolfhounds. It shows three puppies from the Glenamadda Starkeeper Z litter at 10 weeks. The puppy with the litter name of Zsa Zsa (hot pink collar) seen on the far right in the beginning of the video is now our Liberty, and very much enjoying her new Southern California lifestyle!