Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ginny's checklist

Getting ready for a dog show
We're going to the shows this weekend. Here's how Ginny prepares.
  1. Muscle toning and exercise program. Play "demolition derby," knocking against other Wolfhounds until one or none remains standing. Repeat right up to the ringside, if needed. Status of completion: ONGOING.
  2. Bath (as close to showtime as possible). Dig a hole in the dirt, knock over the water bucket to make mud, lie down and roll. Status of completion: DONE (yesterday afternoon).
  3. Groom coat to perfection. Chase madly after a squirrel or rabbit, ripping through briars, burrs, and brush. Status of completion: DONE (squirrel, this a.m.).
  4. Practice gaiting for the judge: Grab a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom, gait around the living room in a circle and down and back. Practice until roll is emptied and spread around room. Status of completion: DONE (this a.m.).
  5. Smile! Remember to have fun. Status of completion: ALWAYS.

1 comment:

Linda of Limerick said...

This is the best checklist for preparing for a show that I've ever seen!

Ginny--you have a winning smile!

Good luck!!

Linda of Limerick