Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another beastly encounter

Last week we had an encounter with a bear.
This week, once again I heard Blake barking ferociously. This time it was broad daylight. I ran outside to see what was causing my Irish Wolfhound — who never barks — to bark so amazingly. 
It was a loose bull.
The bull was standing in my driveway with a herd of loose cows and calves. He was mixing it up with my neighbor's longhorns, in the adjacent pasture.  The longhorn steer didn't like the bull's interest in the lady longhorns, and the barbed wire between them seemed suddenly rather fragile.
Blake was standing at the fenceline closest to the driveway, sounding the alarm and ready to take them all on. Thankfully the chainlink separated him from the bull, but who knows how long that would last? He came when I called. 
Thankfully, the bull's owners soon arrived and herded away the trespassers.
Bull versus Bear Market? I was thankful that this time I could see what was going on. Besides Blake, that is.

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