Thursday, September 1, 2011

Celebrate Our Veterans

The heartbreak of our heart hounds is that they never live long enough.
Irish Wolfhounds, as a giant breed, generally don't live as long as smaller dogs.
So, we celebrate our veterans.

Photo of Susan Prokopenko and smiling Raleigh

In our family, we are honored to celebrate our grandmother and mother Raleigh, who is 9 years old.

Raleigh has won her share of specialties, honors and accolades on both sides of the Canadian and United States border. Her legacy will shine for years. Hurray!

But what we live for, and love, every day, are the two smiling faces of her daughter and granddaughter at Gryffindor.
Thank you, Raleigh!

We're also thrilled to celebrate our mother, grandmother and aunt on the Limerick side of the family!
Halle is now 8 years old, along with her littermates Brolie, Hale, and Lea.
You all rock!

Have you hugged your Wolfhound today?