Thursday, December 2, 2010

In the Mail

Got a letter from the American Kennel Club today.

And a little padded envelope held something inside!

It was this medallion!

The letter:

"Congratulations to you and your dog for completing the new AKC Grand Champion title!

"The American Kennel Club is proud of your accomplishment and wants to recognize your dog as one of the first 10 Grand Champion title holders in its breed ...

"In honor of this distinction, the American Kennel Club is pleased to award you with a special AKC Medallion to commemorate your dog's place in AKC history ...

"Your dog's name will also be listed on the AKC website for its accomplishment.
As a Grand Champion, your dog will be automatically invited to attend the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship."

WOW! Miss Liberty is one of the first 10 Irish Wolfhounds in the history of the breed to win an AKC Grand Champion title!

Thank you to her breeders, Susan Prokopenko (Glenamadda) and Jocelyne Gagne (Starkeeper), and thank you to our handlers, Bill Buell and Erin Hines.