Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Salute

Our relatives, Starkeeper California Ierne;
Starkeeper Glenamadda USA Flag (Betsy Ross, Liberty's littermate sister);
Ch. Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan (Verity's mother, Liberty's grandmother);
Ch. Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada (Verity's half-sister, Liberty's mother);
give a team tribute to U.S. and Canadian troops at the Irish Wolfhound Club of America national specialty show.
Thank you to Ewa for sharing this great photo!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Everyone!

Three months old today! 
Happy birthday to Gryffindor's Dream Hunter.
OK, big guy, thanks for scrunching up the rear and topline just as the shutter clicked. 
We'll post a better shot the next time we can get him to stand still for a few seconds ...

And in other birthdays ...
Happy one year to the X litter! Can you believe it's been one year already for Liberty's half-brothers and half-sisters? 
An especially happy birthday to Janey-Mac. 
Here she is, pictured at 10 days old. 
(Photo courtesy of Glenamadda.)

And here is Miss J-M celebrating her birthday earlier this week.
She knows how to party: 

(Photo by her Mom, Mary)

Wait, there are more!
Janey-Mac's partner-in-crime, Uly the Leonberger, also celebrated his birthday.

And our good friend in Southern California, Miss Pearl the Leonberger, also celebrated her three-month-old birthday on May 20. 
Rumor has it she had a b-a-t-h.

(Photo by her Mom, Genette)

Last but never, never the least, 
We love you, Vanna.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blake barks

A jet was flying over this a.m., and making a lot of noise.
Blake began barking from the back porch.
We decided to go and see why he was barking. After all, we've been having lots of rattlesnakes lately, and indeed, last week a snake had somehow made its way onto the screened-in back porch.
Blake wasn't barking at the jet.
He wasn't barking at a snake.
He was barking at something outside. It was something outside the chainlink fence of the back yard.
We let him outside, and immediately saw what he was barking at: A big brown bear!
Blake charged the bear, barking ferociously. The chainlink stayed between them.
The bear fled, running so fast it crashed into the bushes.
Good boy, Blake!