Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mr. Good Citizen!

The San Diego and Southern California St. Bernard clubs had a match today in the San Bernardino area, and they said their AKC Canine Good Citizen testing was open to all breeds. Friend Bill has an air-conditioned truck and he said I could keep Blake in there to protect him from the heat. 

OK! We can just practice, I thought. We've been working on our obedience commands. Blake is SOOOOOO mischievous, being one of the rambunctious tennis litter, I was sure that we would, at the very least, provide entertainment for the Working Group crowd. 

Outside the ring Blake was rolling in the grass and playing with and mouthing the leash.

He had a big Irish smile on his face, and that look in his eye. Hoo boy, I thought.

But once the testing began, Blake was excellent! He passed every step with flying colors. The evaluator even used him as the "stranger dog" with the remaining dogs being tested.

Blake's winning strategy: "It helped to kiss the evaluator and tell her how much I loved her at every step of the testing."

Congratulations, Mr. Canine Good Citizen!

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