Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Salute!

Happy Father's Day to Merlin and Tate!
We are extremely fortunate at Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds to have two wonderful young Irish Wolfhounds, Ginny and Blake. They both are beautiful inside and out ... all that one can hope for and dream for in a Wolfhound.

Blake leading Ginny in the chase (Murkland photo)

That's no accident — it's all due to the hard work of their breeders (Glenamadda, Starkeeper, Limerick) and the many years of dedication and thoughtfulness that continue in their kennels. Marvelously, these dogs' pedigrees come from years of collaboration among quality Wolfhound kennels in Europe, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Both Ginny and Blake have gorgeous Moms. We look forward to celebrating them later! 
This being Father's Day, we'll celebrate our Fathers now:
  • Merlin, 
known officially as
MSBIS BIS CH Taliesin's Llenlleawg, CGC,
was Ginny's (Verity's) sire.

"The King" with his prince and princess puppies,
 Victory (Ginny's brother) and Monet. (Mary O'Mally Photo)

The details:
By CH Donna's Dream von der Oelmuhle X CH Taliesin's Lasair of Eagle
Breeders: Donna Smith, David Smith, and Samuel Evans Ewing 3rd (Eagle)
Owners: Karen Malone and Donna Smith

The dazzle:
The Taliesin website showcases highlights from his show career, which included numerous specialty wins.

Here, you can watch Merlin win Best of Breed at Westminster 2005.
(Example of what judges said about him: 2005 PVIWC specialty Judge Michael Canalizo wrote in his critique: "If he had any flaws they were so minor I never made notice of them.") 

Merlin was indeed a magical Wolfhound in the show ring. But of course having a wolfhound in your life means much, much more, and I think I can see who he was in who my Ginny is.

Both parents get credit for Ginny's sweet, sweet temperament ... and sharp, sharp intelligence. I don't know WHO is responsible for the mischief gene, however! 
  • Tate, 
MSBIS BIS CH Taryn Tate of Limerick SC
has been declared Stud Dog of the Year for 2007, having sired NINE wolfhounds who became AKC champions last year. Among them was Blake's brother, Cash, who became a CH at nine months! More titles are on the way, as several of Blake's half-brothers and half-sisters and his littermates are all close to their CH titles this year. Blake's sister Serena is working on her rally novice title, too!

In the showring, 2006 IWAWC specialty. (Murkland/Buell Photo)

The details:
By CH Urlimerick of Kilmara X CH Taryn's Abigail
Breeder: Brenda Taylor-Fairbanks (Taryn)
Owners: Linda Souza and Jamie Souza-Bartlett 
The dazzle:
Tate was an incredible dog in many ways. When he was just over two years old, he already had won a specialty and an all-breed Best in Show. Of the three specialties he won in 2006, two were from the veteran class. 

The 2006 IWAWC specialty judge, Roni Kaluza, wrote in her critique: "... As the class wore on, CH Taryn Tate of Limerick just got better and better. By the final go-round, he owned the ring. He is a big, upstanding dog, who, despite the heat, just never let down. He is typey, curvey, strong, and masculine, perfectly groomed and shown." 

As for personality ... Speaking of mischief ... The tennis player litter (or should I say "set"), of which Blake is a member, is famed for shenanigans. They love life. They embody what it is to be an Irish Wolfhound. Although Blake is happy, happy, happy, he can be majestic and powerful when the situation demands.

We love Blake and Ginny.

Thank you, Tate and Merlin!


sarah lewis said...

We are owned by Blake's brother Andre, CH Castlebrae Agassi of Limerick who finished his CH at 13 months - he is loved by everyone he meets and as you said of this litter - is full of a sense of himself that has us laughing every day. Limerick and Tate are leaving a tremendous legacy in this beautiful world of the Wolfhound.


Pat Murkland said...

Thank you Sarah ... and happy birthday, Andre!