Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Salute: Our patriarch

Puppy Ginny in 2006 goes for a walk with her beloved Harry
(Murkland photo copyright 2006)

Happy Father's Day!
Although our Harry has never sired a litter, he is our patriarch, the alpha male leader of our "pack."
Harry is oh, so sweet and kind. He's friends with everyone he meets. People can't get enough of petting and hugging Harry.

A local car dealership put on display our photo of Harry gently greeting a tiny kitten. Harry also is friends with our tortoise – and one time, he saved the tortoise's life by alerting me that the tortoise had flipped itself over and couldn't get right-side-up again. 

Harry also has been a great guardian and protector. One time Harry just stood and looked at a group of men who trespassed and wouldn't leave our property, and believe me, they left in a hurry.

Harry takes his duties as patriarch seriously. He has been a patient nanny to our puppies and other people's, too. He is a quiet but effective teacher. Now that Harry is failing, we take care to protect the Old Man and make sure that he and young Blake stay the best of friends.
Happy Father's Day, Harry.  

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