Saturday, May 21, 2011

You've Got Mail!

We've got mail! A mysterious package from Texas.

Rosie (at left) says to her mom, Ginny:
"Hey, this could be from my brother Ocho."

Ginny (right) to Rosie: "Yes! It is from our dear Ocho."

Look! Ocho even helped wrap the presents inside.

Wow! Two cards, beautiful and funny,
three cool Ocho decals ...

... And wonderful studio shots of Ocho
(pictured at one year old).

Check it out. Feel envious. It's an OCHO T-SHIRT!

Here's the newspaper with the Page 1 article about Ocho.
He received his certification to be a therapy dog, in case you have not seen the glaring headlines.
And here's another view of the t-shirt.
Thank you, Ocho, and the Cox family,
for such magnificent gifts.
We love you!

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