Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worrying about Snakes


Southern Pacific rattlesnake. Pat Murkland Photo

It's snake season.
We have 6 species of rattlesnakes in Southern California.
Three different species live where we do.
Each has its own DNA.
The anti-rattler vaccine doesn't appear to apply to our snake breeds.

Anti-rattler training with shock collars?
Many Irish Wolfhound people will tell you,
not with their hounds.

Our first wolfhound, Erin, was our snake-wise trainer of other wolfhounds.
When Blake was a baby, she taught him about snakes.
Today, Blake barked ferociously.
We investigated.

Blake wanted too let us know this snake was in the yard.
This is our "snake protection yard," with a snake fence around the chainlink.
The snake still found its way in.

Fortunately, this was a beneficial gopher snake. Whew.
Blake stood guard while we checked out the situation, watching the snake and protecting us.
Good dog, Blake!
Thank you, Erin. Good training.

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