Monday, July 14, 2008

Tribute to Harry (5): A Love Story

Harry meets Ginny, 2006. Copyright photo by Pat Murkland

She was a tiny redhead, just arrived off the plane from Canada.
He was the Big Guy ... The Extra Big Guy.
Some people might not put a tiny puppy in the same yard as an extra-large alpha male.
But this was Harry. As for the tiny redhead ...
It was love at first sight.
It was Magic.
She was smitten. From Day One she had a crush on Harry.
Since he was Harry Potter, registered with AKC as Wizard, this little redheaded Witch named herself: Ginny Weasley. That's the Truth. (Her registered name is Verity.)

Puppy Ginny on an outing with Harry. Copyright Pat Murkland.

As Ginny grew, Harry was nanny, confidante, friend. After every separation, she came running into the house to greet Harry. She always was thrilled to see him.

Young Ginny with beloved Harry. Copyright Pat Murkland.

They were wonderful companions and friends. They had great joy together. She always had someone to look up to, and he felt young again with his girl. They chased rabbits together or just hung out.

As Harry deteriorated, his love for Ginny stayed strong.
Here they are together for the last time:

Copyright Pat Murkland

Although he was having trouble breathing, he still was goofing around with his best friend, his love.
After he died, Ginny came into the house and ran from room to room, searching for Harry.
She has been lying down in his "spot." She has been mourning his loss.
Someday, they'll be together again.


Kcecelia said...

A lovely remembrance. Lovely.

Gryffindor Irish Wolfhounds said...

thank you! she still sleeps in his "spot."