Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doggy Doors

A friend has a houseful of doors that have dog doors: Dog doors to the outside yards, front and back, and dog doors to different rooms. These are downright useful for the dogs, so they can go outside, through the flap, and back in, without asking. Or, one can close the dog door to limit their access and egress when needed.

This friend contemplated the one dog door I have, that came with the house, in back, which is about Cocker spaniel size. He made a comment that it would have to be seriously enlarged to accommodate an Irish Wolfhound. 

I told him that my regular doors ARE dog doors. 

Our smarty-pants Wolfhounds know how to turn doorknobs with their mouths to open a door. Besides, Harry demonstrates how a regular sized-door pretty much serves as a Wolfhound door:
Come on in ... especially if you have a treat!

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