Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Funny Valentine

Four weeks old, in 2006

This week our Ginny turns 5!
Her official AKC registered name is
Glenamadda Starkeeper Verity.
She gets to wear the crowns of SBIS (Specialty Best in Show) CH (AKC Champion) in front of that.

Her registered names each have meaning:
Glenamadda for the kennel of Susan Prokopenko,
and Starkeeper for the kennel of Jocelyne Gagne,
her wonderful co-breeders.
Verity means Truth.

The "V" name comes from being in the V litter.
But when she was a tiny pup, her litter nickname was Valentine.
In these litter photos, she is the lady in red.

When she came to her forever home with us,
she answered to Red.
She soon named herself Ginny
because of her crush on our Harry Potter.

But once you're named Valentine, you never lose it.
She's our forever Funny Valentine.
Our Heart Hound.

Have you hugged your heart hound today?

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